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Small by choice, Great by tradition

In 1961, Rosangela Clerici Riccadonna (who belongs to one of Piedmont's oldest wine-making families) founded Valfieri at Alba, dedicating this new and original cellar to the production of Alba's traditional, classic wines.

Valfieri subsequently moved to Costigliole d'Asti, in the heart of one of the region's most prized grape-growing zones, and management of the cellar was taken over by Mrs Riccadonna's children, Angelo and Mariachiara Clerici, who continue the family's tradition with commitment and enthusiasm.

Barolo 1961

More than thirty-five years have passed since the Cellar was founded, and during this time the wine sector has changed dramatically. The economics of wine has become globalised. But Valfieri remains faithful to traditional values, which doesn't mean banal repetition of past methods, but rather a continuous effort to improve production, to make wines whose quality is perceived and not imposed.