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Denominazione di Orgine Controllata

Vinification of purely Merlot grapes in Piedmont seem a far-fetched choice. Matot - Monferrato Rosso However, our pledge is to offer to those encountering the Asti region for the first time, a term for comparison with the most prestigious wine-growing areas in the world.

Originating in a vineyard of approximately one hectare located in Agliano, the grapes reach the wine-cellar at the end of September. After the first five days of turbulent fermentation with controlled temperature and frequent pumping, the still sweet and fermenting must is poured into 225 litre barriques. There, the process concludes after approximately twenty days and constant daily inspection.

The decision to retard the fermentation process by decanting it into small barrels allows for the superior tannins to be extracted from the wood. This grants the wine a richer aromatic texture and tone. The aging process, periodically monitored by tasting and decanting, is extended for approximately eighteen months in wood. At this point, bottling is the next stage. It is then matured in the bottle for at least 6 months. This deep ruby-red wine evokes the scented impressions of ripe, tiny, red fruit, followed by the spicy, crisp notes of leather and tobacco. It is warm and penetrating to the palate, with a pleasing delicacy. The lasting aftertaste brings forth notes of musk and mushrooms.